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16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 16 - Favorite Couple

Oh, you’re not asking me this, are you? Isn’t it obvious?

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 15 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

The colors. The gorgeous colors!

(I love how practically every scene has either a splash of purple or green. It’s so luscious.)

In the immortal words of Kaylee Frye,

Aren’t they something? They’re like butterflies, or little pieces of wrapping paper blowing around.”

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 14 - Favorite Moment (So Far)

Oh, golly

I love all the scenes of Downton Abbey. 

But the meme says to pick one, so…

I’m going to go with 

Season 2, Episode 3, Sybil and Branson waiting by the car for Robert

Why do you have to be so angry all the time?

First, there’s Sybil:

Sybil is practical but naive. She’s very cautious in her relationship with Branson. She’s also taken care to put her interests into practice - she wanted to achieve independence and equality, so she’s taken a job as a nurse. 

However, Sybil isn’t independent because she’s still heavily involved with her family. Violet’s prying into Sybil’s relationships in episode 4 is so ominous because when the war’s over, so is Sybil’s career. Oh yes, Sybil, you go and play nursemaid all you want, but don’t forget to grow up and be the lady you were born to be. 

I think this moment between her and Branson acts as a catalyst for the distress that is seen in Sybil in episodes 4 and 5. Branson’s anger at the English is personal, and it’s not something that she understands. This disturbs her because she thinks she’s changed. She thinks she’s on Branson’s level, and yet here is one more instance where she’s been protected from reality. 

As for Branson:

Tom Branson has told us from the beginning that he “won’t always be a chauffeur,” and yet here we are, 4 years later, and he’s still serving the English aristocracy while his country and people are suffering, and his family is grieving. 

He gets drafted, and suddenly, here’s his chance to stick it to the English. After years and years of waiting, he can finally do something. He’s not necessarily a man of action - otherwise, he’d have kissed Sybil years ago - but he is a man who knows that action speaks louder than words. He can sit in the kitchen and spout the ideals of socialism until he’s blue in the face, but no one is going to take notice of him or his beliefs until he does something. 

So he comes up with this silly idea to humiliate the English. He’s not going to bow out and go to prison quietly: he’s going to make it the most public declaration possible. 

And then he’s told, Oh sorry, son, but we don’t need you. 

Once again, Branson has been letdown by the English. 

Now for the two of them together:

I think this scene reveals just how close they are. Before we’ve seen them in rather unequal footing: Branson as the chauffeur, Sybil as the lady; Branson in pursuit, and Sybil holding him at arms’ length. The conversation in this scene is more open. Branson has no qualms telling an Englishwoman that he hates her people. Sybil is open with how she feels about his decisions. While there is still a distance between them, it’s broken. It’s the first time we’ve seen lovesick Branson rebuke Sybil, and Sybil is truly sorry for it.

They are completely honest with each other. 

To be fair, the roles of the argument are reversed in episode 4 with Branson’s remark about Sybil’s job. I think both scenes mirror each other quite well. 

And as a fan of these two, I love how real their relationship becomes because of this scene. They aren’t Romeo and Juliet - they’re friends first, lovers second. (Oh shut up, you know she loves him.)

Whoa, in-depth-character-analysis, I have gotten way too involved with this. 

This is what happens when you love your OTP too much.

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 13 - Which Downton Abbey Character Are You Most Like?

Edith Crawley

I know Edith gets a lot of hate, and I would like to say right now that I am nowhere near as mean to my sister as Edith is to Mary, but I do like her, and I understand her. 

(This has the potential of becoming self-depreciating, so I apologize in advance.)

She’s lost. She doesn’t have Mary’s beauty or Sybil’s goodness. She doesn’t have much luck with men. She doesn’t have any strong sense of direction or ambition in her life. 

In series 1, she was very cruel and evil to Mary, and she’s obviously gotten a reputation in her family for that. However, I think she’s been mistreated by her family, and she’s insecure in herself. To defend herself, she attacks and alienates people, probably because she’s not confident that people will actually like her for who she is since obviously not even her family does. 

In series 2, she begins to grow. She learns to drive. She finds work. She falls for a farmer! She finds her place among the nurses. 

Now, my life is not as melodramatic as Edith’s, but a lot of what I said above resonates with me. 

I’m excited to see what Edith will do the rest of this series. I think she’s becoming a very good person. Hopefully, she’ll stay that way.

And find a good man. 

(Oh, we also look alike. It’s the nose.)

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 12 - Favorite Quote

Series 2, Episode 5

I have a cold.

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 11 - Most Shocking Moment

Series 1, episode 3


Do I need to explain?

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 10 - Least Favorite Male Character


Goodbye followers, it’s been nice knowing you. 

Yeah, I’m not a fan of Bates. I’m not quite sure what it is. Whenever Matthew/Robert/William/Branson start spouting off sweet nothings, I melt and think it’s adorable. 

When Bates acts the romantic poet with Anna, I start giggling and begin questioning whether I really believe that Julian Fellowes is a good writer. 

However, I do enjoy his scenes with Robert. 

Agh. I’m conflicted. 

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 09 - Least Favorite Female Character


I prefer O’Brien to Ethel, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 08 - Favorite “Guest Cast” Character

Evelyn Napier

He’s dishy and a decent fellow. If Mary can’t marry Matthew for whatever lame reason, then they need to bring back Napier. 

16 Days of Downton Abbey

Day 07 - A Moment That Made You Laugh

I’ve laughed the most during series 2. I think it’s because I now “know” these characters and love them.

But the one scene that has made me laugh the hardest can be summed up as,

"oil and ink and a bit of a cow pat all mixed with sour milk."

I was not expecting that from the hot-headed Irish socialist. 

Their faces are wonderful.